Connecting to Google My Business

Get the most out of Stratus by connecting your locations to Google My Business
Written by Stratus Support
Updated 4 years ago

Step 1: While in Stratus, click on Locations and find the location you want to connect

Tip: To find out if a location is connected to Google My Business, just look in the Connections column. The icon will be "filled in" and hovering over the icon will say that Google My Business is connected

Step 2: Click on the Location Name and then the Connections tab

Step 3: In the Google My Business Connections section click on Connect. Click on Log in with Google

Step 4: A dialog window will open asking you to choose an account. Login with the Google Account that has OWNER access to the listing you're trying to connect

Step 5: On the next screen, click on Allow

Step 6: Click on the Select Dropdown and select the listing you want to connect. Once selected, click on Continue

Step 7: To finalize the connection, click on Save

Note: if you have Publish location info to Google My Business checked, the location information you have in Stratus will OVERWRITE the info in GMB. Don't worry, you can change this setting at anytime

Step 8: After this location is connected to Google My Business, it will display in the Google My Business Connection section

🎉 Woohoo! You've connected your Google My Business listing to Stratus. If you haven't done so already, connect this location to Facebook

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