Google My Business Ownership Issues

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If your business has an existing Google My Business (GMB) listing and you're having issues either logging in or claiming ownership, read on to learn about some possible solutions

Note: This article is meant to inform you of steps you can take to resolve issues. Since all of these steps take place within Google, we don't guarantee success

Finding your listing on GMB

The first step is to find your listing on Google. This can be accomplished by simply typing in your business name followed by the city

Example: Anomaly Branding Sioux Falls

In the sidebar, you should see the Knowledge Panel that includes your business information.

Issue #1: You don't have the login info for the account that owns the listing

The first thing you will want to do is attempt to login to the Google account, if it's an old account that you had access to at some point. If you never had access to that account, skip to Issue #2

Step 1: On your listing's Knowledge Panel, click on Own This Business?

Step 2: Google will display a truncated version of the email that owns the listing. If you recognize the email but forgot the login info to the account, click on Account Recovery Help Guide

Step 3: Follow the steps that Google walks you through 

Step 4: If you successfully recover that account, login to GMB and go to Users. Click on the Add Users button  and add your preferred email as an Owner


Issue #2: Request Ownership from the current owner

If the email that owns the GMB listing is not one that you recognize or can't get access to (like a previous employee's), follow this process to request ownership

Step 1: Click on the Request Access button

Step 2: Fill out the form and click on  Submit

If your business doesn't have a listing created, read this article on how to claim your Google My Business Listing

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