Remove Holiday Hours

Quickly remove Holiday Hours from one or more of your locations
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Updated 4 years ago

What are Holiday Hours?

Google My business has a handy feature that lets you set special hours for Holidays, without changing your regular hours. In this article, we'll cover the ways you can remove your Holiday Hours within Stratus.

Note: For Holiday Hours to be pushed out to Google My Business, each location must be connected to Google My Business

Removing Holiday Hours from one location

Step 1: In Stratus, go to the Locations page and click on the location you want to delete Holiday Hours for

Step 2: On the location page, click on the Details Tab

Step 3: Scroll down to the Hours of Operation section, find the Holiday Hours you'd like to remove, and click on Remove

Step 4: Click on Save Changes

Removing Holiday Hours from multiple locations

Step 1: In Stratus, go to the Locations page. Select the locations you'd like to remove Holiday Hours for using the checkbox next to each location. You can also check the Select All Checkbox in the toolbar to select all your locations

Step 2: Click on the Manage Hours button and then select Remove Holiday Hours

Step 3: Find the Holiday (Federal or Custom) that you'd like to remove and click on the checkbox. You can select more than one Holiday to be removed

Note: If you hover over the Found In section, you'll be able to see which locations have the Holiday Hours

Step 4: Click on Remove. The Holiday hours will be removed from Google My Business for all selected locations.

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