Creating & Using Reply Templates

Reply templates are a great way to speed up your workflow. Follow these instructions to create, modify, and use reply templates
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Creating a Reply Template

Step 1: Go to the Reviews page and click on Replies

Step 2: Click on +New and in the popup and give your template a descriptive name

Step 3: Compose your message. To add personalization to your template, use our dynamic placeholders by clicking on Insert Placeholder or typing the '#' and selecting the placeholder from the list

Step 4. Click on Create Template. Your reply template will be available from the dropdown when replying to reviews

What are dynamic placeholders?

Dynamic placeholders allow you to add a level of personalization to your templates automatically. For example, if you have a reply template that uses the #Reviewer Name, when you reply using that template, the reviewer's name will automatically be inserted into your reply. 

The following is a list of the dynamic placeholder options currently available:

Reviewer Name - inserts the name of the person who left the review

Responder Name - inserts the name of the person responding to the review

Business Name - inserts the name of your business

Location Phone Number - inserts the name of the location's phone number

Replying with a review template

Step 1: Go to the Reviews page and click on the Reviews tab

Step 2: Find a review that you'd like to reply to and click within the input field. Click on the dropdown and select the template you'd like to reply with. The text will be added to the input field and all placeholders will be converted to use actual data

Step 3: Double check that everything looks good and then click on Post Reply

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