Managing Yelp reviews in Stratus

Learn how you can set up and manage Yelp reviews in Stratus
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Updated 2 years ago

Connecting to Yelp

Step 1: Go to Locations then click on the location you want to add Yelp to. Click on the Connections tab

Step 2: Click on Add Connections then select Yelp

Step 3: In the popup, paste in the location's Yelp URL and click Check. Note: search for you location on

Step 4: Once the listing is found, click on I confirm this is my app checkbox and then click Connect

After processing (which can take a few minutes), your app will be connected

Replying to Yelp reviews

Here's how to reply to reviews once Yelp is connected to Stratus

Step 1: Go to the Reviews page and find a Yelp review that you'd like to reply to. Click on Reply

Step 2: In the popup, you can copy a template or go to Yelp to reply. To copy a template, select the template from the dropdown and click on Copy. The text in the message field will be copied to your clipboard

Step 3: Click on Reply on Yelp. You'll be taken to the Yelp listing where you can login and reply to the review. 

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