Managing Users

Manage all the Users in your Stratus Account
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Stratus is built with flexible User Permissions to help you manage your Users. Read on to learn how to add, delete, and manage your users.

 Add a User

Step 1: Go to Account  and make sure you're on the Users Tab

Step 2: Click on the Create User button

Step 3: In the Info section, choose the User Type, and type in the name and email of the person you want to add

The two different types of users are Manager and Account Admin

- Account Admins have full access to all locations and features within stratus

- Managers can only access locations they are assigned to. Additionally, they can't create Users, access settings, billing, or create/delete locations

Step 4: If you selected Manager as the User Type, select the locations this user is able to access in the Locations section

Step 5: If you'd like this User to receive email notifications of new reviews, click Enable Review Notifications. Then, select the Star Rating and Recommendation threshold. 

A Star Rating of "5 Stars" will send the User an email for all 5 star and below Google reviews.

Recommendation of "Both" will send the User an email for all "recommended" and "not recommended" reviews on Facebook

Step 6: Click on Create User. An email will be sent to the User asking them to verify their account and set their password

Delete a User

Step 1: Go to Account  and make sure you're on the Users Tab

Step 2: Find the User you'd like to delete and click on the Actions dropdown. Select Delete User

Step 3: In the confirmation popup, type in the word confirm and click on Delete User

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